Public Notice: Some Telcos E-Cash Agents Stealing From Customers

Ongoing investigations into activities of some merchants of Telecommunication Companies operating electronic cash or e-cash; popularly referred severally to as ‘Telco A’ Cash, or ‘Telco B’ Money, suggest that some of these e-cash merchants or agents are ‘stealing’ from some unsuspecting customers of these Telcos.

In a particular instance, a customer of a Telco was due to withdraw an amount of Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHc50) from a merchant in one of the towns within the Eastern Region.

According to the ‘victim’, the e-cash merchant or agent (as they are referred to), asked him to produce his transaction details. [These details would normally comprise a secret code, a token number and reference, or depending on the particular Telco or the mode of generating the e-cash; a name of the recipient may also be added]

He says after the e-cash agent had spent less than five minutes with the ‘victim’s mobile phone trying to access the transaction details, he told the ‘victim’ that ‘‘someone has already withdrawn the money before you got here,’’ he claimed.

However, unhappy with such claims of ‘an earlier withdrawal’, the ‘victim’ went to complain to one of the accredited merchants in Koforidua; the Eastern Regional capital.

The ‘victim’ says the personnel in-charge at this outlet in Koforidua took some few minutes to check on their system and reconciled it with details on the ‘victim’s mobile phone, only to realize that the GHc50 supposedly ‘cashed by someone else’ as the e-cash agent had claimed earlier on, was actually cashed (stolen) by that same agent, during the ‘victim’s visit.

Enraged by the incident, the ‘victim’ fumed and resisted attempts made by the personnel in-charge to pacify him with the GHc50 due him, plus an additional GHc10 offer, to cater for transportation from the ‘victim’s hometown to Koforidua.

Narrating his frustration, the ‘victim’ questioned, ‘‘why should some of these Telcos employ thieves to work with, and be stealing our monies’’ He criticized.

While many are increasingly using their mobile phones to send and receive electronic cash (monies) to and from friends, loved ones and even business associates for numerous purposes, some of these agents are ‘stealing’ from some unsuspecting customers.

It is important for all e–cash customers who may have genuinely gone through a similar ‘inexplicable withdrawal of monies,’ to lodge complains at the offices of these respective Telcos for the necessary investigations and redress.

Meanwhile, corporate officials of the Telco in question have unofficially confirmed that the act indeed occurred, but say further investigations are underway.

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