Distraught Boyfriend Explains Why He’s Jealous of Sauti Sol’s Bien


Ever since Kenya’s high flying afro-pop band Sauti Sol went all out in the 2015 music video for ‘Nishike’, Kenyan men have never found peace again.

In the video which now has over 2 Million views on Youtube, the band members led by Bien-Aimé Baraza flaunted their well-chiseled abs and in the process drove women crazy.

Years later, they are still ‘stealing’ people’s girlfriends without even realizing it.

A guy identified as Schooner Tha Cooper recently wrote to the lads explaining why he’s jealous of Bien. According to Schooner, his girlfriend has a huge crush on the towering singer to the point that he has to leave the house whenever a Sauti Sol song comes on because his girl can’t stop gushing over Bien i.e ”Ameshikwa na Mahanjam”

This is what he wrote:

Sauti Sol was kind enough to respond, writing to the lad’s girlfriend as follows:

“Dear Schooner Tha Cooper’s girlfriend, if you are reading this, just know that he has suffered enough. ? Thank you for the love ?.”


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