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Although speculations had been rife over the temporary closure of The Bank club in Abuja, as many had believed the management of the club were up to something unfathomable, the officials of the club have now announced that the club will not only return on February 17th, but will come with a spectacular outlook that will delight their numerous patrons.

It would be recalled that the closure has been the usual tradition of the club as it embarks on renovation every year in order to begin a new year with a fresh and new outlook.

Announcing the reopening of the club, its Chief Operating Officer, COO, Alex Lawal said, ‘’ The bank returns 17th of February. We have put everything in place and this has been our usual practice. You will recall that since inception, we renovate after every year.

•Alex Lawal,
COO Bank Club

Reacting to why a club of such magnitude should go off for nearly one month in the name of renovation, Alex said, ‘’   Like I said, it’s our usual tradition. Can’t you feel the aura? Can’t you feel freshness? The aim is to give our patrons the best. Club business is hot business in Abuja, hence we must give patrons the best. They do not deserve anything less,” Alex   said.

Dispelling the ongoing rumour that the Bank was shutting business, Mr Alex said ‘’ That must have been the figment of the imagination of rumour peddlers. We are still doing our stuff, and competitors can’t move us with their fake news. I think we remain the most reliable, affordable and entertaining club in Abuja. Just like the renovation, everything now looks new, including our operations.”

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