I hope Chelsea wins will inspire my daughter, says Conte


The Blues boss is a known family man and his daughter has grown to love her dad’s club, who sit top of the Premier League table

Antonio Conte is hoping that his daughter Vittoria will be inspired by his leadership and he revealed that her support of him during matches fills him with happiness – as his side continue their chase of the Premier League title. 

Eagle-eyed Chelsea fans will be able to see Vittoria and Conte’s wife Elisabetta sit a few rows behind the dugout at Stamford Bridge – with Vittoria wearing Chelsea face paint as she becomes enthusiastic about her father’s work. 

Conte has become known for his passionate displays and the Blues manager admits that he tries not to go too far with his touchline antics as he aims to be a good example for his watching family.

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“My daughter watches every game and stays five metres behind me. I want this,” He said at a news conference at Cobham Training Centre. “For me it’s a great support, my daughter and my wife.

“I think it’s important for my daughter to see my will to win. And I try always to transfer the right education to my daughter. I think she’s happy to live the game with me. I live the game in this way not only in England, but if you remember, during the Euros. 

Vittoria and Elisabetta Conte

“If you remember in my past with Juventus, when I started my career, I lived the game with great passion and enthusiasm. Sometimes for me it’s very hard to keep this passion under control. Sometimes I want to share my passion with fans, with my staff, with players because sometimes I deserve to.”

Chelsea fans often chant “Antonio” at games now and love his goal celebrations as their team regularly puts in winning performances back at Stamford Bridge. 

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Not every Premier League manager is as animated as Conte on the touchline, but the 47-year-old believes everyone harbours the same passion as he does. However, it’s just that not everyone shows it in the same way. 

“Everyone lives the situation in the right way. I think it’s not good to badly judge someone for always sitting during the game. It’s not good to badly judge if one manager follows the game and stands up for all the games.

“Everyone has a known style. But I think that I have great passion for football. The moment you see me staying seated, you should be worried. Above all my club must be worried, because I think my passion would be finished.”

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