Her armpits smell like jasmine


Stucking this instagram account for a while now and for every time she posts, it gets more interesting, captivating and finding it hard to explain why.

One thing is certain, the realness in every of her post reveals that we are humans and very possible for us to live with our own ideas, opinion and what we are comfortable with, not what the society want us to live like, or carved out for us.

The account posts pictures of armpits, not everybody is confidence with theirs, some are so insecure they can’t even sleep without using a roll on or their boyfriend seeing them when they are yet to have their bath, some things we get so insecure about which usually tend to affect our person and our daily lives, many lose confidence especially when they’ve not shave their armpit hair in awhile.

The society has made us stereotypical, that we think in a certain direction. The typical sense of how it’s not hygiene for you not to shave your armpit, some tend to say it’s irritating, just their own reason of what they feel is right or not considering what you want or what you are comfortable doing, all they care about is their idea of what is right, guess that’s why I’ve been stucking the account, she’s been showing people that are real too and people that are comfortable and confidence in who they are and how they want to live not what the society thought or feel is right for them, it’s our world too and we are meant to enjoy these place called earth and not endure it.

Her armpits smell like jasmine accompany her post these days and the different armpit you see, they are fascinating if you ask me, see some of “Her Armpits Smell Like Jasmine” Click here.

The writeup is courtesy Shakarasquare

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