How To Give The Perfect Bl*w Job In 3 Easy Steps


Here’s the low-down on going down.

During a particularly challenging blowjob situation in one episode of s*x and the City, Samantha Jones famously proclaimed, “They don’t call it a job for nothing!”

Luckily, all oral s*x doesn’t have to feel like a job. Get ready to lick it, grip it, and finish it.

Following these three easy steps will make giving a guy a BJ quicker, easier, and more pleasurable for both of you.

1. Lick it.

Your tongue is the greatest weapon in your arsenal.

Wrap your mouth around his man-hood, cover your teeth with your lips, and prepare to lick. Whenever you swoop up, swirl your tongue around the head of the man-hood.

The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the man-hood, located on the underside of the man-hood where the head and the base meet. There’s a little V inscribed in his man-hood — that’s the frenulum. Trace it with your tongue before traveling back down the base.

2. Grip it.

You don’t have to swallow his entire man-hood to give a great blowjob, but you do want to apply an adequate amount of pressure. Using your hands is a great way to compensate for any lack of pressure from your mouth, plus it makes giving a blowjob a lot easier.

Wrap your hand around the base of his man-hood as if you’re about to give it a handshake. Make a firm grip without suffocating his man-hood and start moving his man-hood skin up and down while your mouth works on the tip of his man-hood and the upper half of the base. Try giving his man-hood a little twist with your hand as you circle your tongue around his tip.

Take notice of what he likes and redirect your attention accordingly.

3. Finish it.

You’ll know when he’s getting close to orgasming. His man-hood will become extremely hard and his breath will quicken. Once he’s almost there, keep doing exactly what you’re doing until he orgasms. Whatever you’re doing is working, don’t get ambitious and improvise at the end.

If you have decided to swallow, keep moving your mouth while he orgasms. Be a little more gentle with your tongue because the head of his man-hood will be extremely sensitive during and after climax.

(And if you don’t like the taste of semen, Masque: s*xual Flavors completely mask the taste with a splash of strawberry, watermelon, or mango.)

Now that the job is finished, it’s his turn to lick you!

source: Yourtango

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