Using Alcohol, Drugs to Enhance S*x A Dangerous Practice


s*xual Use of Drugs – A Dangerous Practice

Club-going teens and adolescents who deliberately use alcohol and drugs to increase their chances of having s*x, or to enhance s*xual arousal, many times end up having unsafe s*x or s*x they later regret having, according to a study of 1,300 young people in Europe.

Researchers found that one-third of the young people surveyed, males and females, drank alcohol and/or took drugs as part of deliberate s*xual strategies.
Alcohol is used mostly to increase their chances of having s*x, while cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana are used to enhance s*xual arousal or prolong s*x.

Drug Use and s*xual Practices
More than 1,300 people between ages 16 and 35, who regularly socialize in nightclub settings, were given anonymous questionnaires about their substance use and s*xual practices by public health and social workers throughout Europe.

The results of the survey:

Virtually all of the participants drank alcohol.
A majority had their first drink at age 14 or 15.
75% of them had used marijuana.
30% had used or tried cocaine.
Enhancing s*xual Experiences
The lead author, Mark Bellis of Liverpool John Moores University, reported that the alcohol drinkers gave the following reasons for using alcohol:

To facilitate s*xual encounters (28.6%)
To promote unusual or exciting s*xual activity (14.6%)
To enhance sensations and arousal (12.7%)
To prolong s*x (11.6%)
Of the marijuana users, 25.8% said they used pot to enhance arousal, while 28.5% of cocaine users did coke for the same reason. Bellis found that more females used marijuana for s*xual enhancement than males — 29.2% compared to 23.2%.

Consequences of Risky Behavior
The use of alcohol and drugs to enhance s*x has its consequences, namely increased risk-taking behavior and feeling regretful about having s*x while under the influence, notes the survey.

Survey participants who drank or used drugs in the past four weeks were more likely to:

Have had five or more s*xual partners
Have had s*x without a condom.
Have regretted s*x after drinking or using drugs
Having s*x at an Early Age
“Trends in recent decades have resulted in recreational drug use and binge drinking becoming routine features of European nightlife,” said Bellis in a news release. “Millions of young Europeans now take drugs and drink in ways which alter their s*xual decisions and increase their chances of unsafe s*x or s*x that is later regretted. Yet despite the negative consequences, we found many are deliberately taking these substances to achieve quite specific s*xual effects.”

The survey also revealed that those who used alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or ecstasy before age 16 were significantly more likely to have had s*x before age 16. This was especially true for girls, who were four times more likely to have had s*x before 16 if they used alcohol or drugs.

The Same Social Experience
“s*xual activity accompanied by substance use is not just incidental, but often sexually motivated,” said co-author Amador Calafat. “Interventions addressing s*xual health are often developed, managed and implemented independently from those addressing substance use, and vice versa.
However, young people often see alcohol, drugs, and s*x all as part of the same social experience and addressing these issues requires an equally joined up approach.”

Source: Verywell

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