Some Sizlling S*x Tips For Summer


After a while, anything can seem to become routine in the bedroom, especially if couples have been together for a long time. Luckily, there’s no end of new tricks to try – as long as everyone involved is willing to spice things up a little bit.

There are a few tips for lovers who are looking for a new twist. They can start things off by breathing on the nape of a partner’s neck to get them in the mood. This can help them ignore other distractions as well, because it is right next to their ears.

Once you and yours are ready to knock boots, try doing it “Hollywood style.” Think about a favorite love scene from a film and try reenacting it, whether the setting was the shower, the stairs or even the floor.

Then again, why not try something even riskier and move it outside? Make sure that you find a place that’s well-hidden and out of sight of others, but some couples delight in the pulse-pounding thrill of doing it in the great outdoors.

Now that it’s summer, you may also want to consider having s*x in a cool shower. That can help keep things clean and battle the humidity outside, too. This is also a great way to have a quickie if there’s nowhere else to go.
Thinking about introducing some toys into the bedroom routine? A vibrating ring could do the trick – especially considering a survey found that 81 percent of women are willing to incorporate some kind of accessory into s*x. Just remember that no matter how or where you do it, condoms should always be used to reduce the risk of pregnancy and STDs.

source:  LifeStyles

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