Spice Up Your S*x Life By Spicing Up Your Food


New research recently revealed that if you’re experiencing a bit of a dry spell in s*x thrills, it may be time to try a few new things in the kitchen before going back to the bedroom. Specifically, researchers discovered that Indian curries can add a significant boost to s*x drives.

When men ate the herb fenugreek, they displayed an increased libido by around a quarter, according to ANI. Overall, sixty men aged 25 to 52 ate the herb twice a day for six weeks. By the end of the research period, they showed improved drives that rose from levels of 16.1 to 20.6, marking a 28 percent increase.

“This study has demonstrated that there was significant improvement in s*xual function and performance following treatment,” the researchers stated, according to the news provider.

Mostly, fenugreek is found in spicy Indian dishes. It is known to contain saponins, compounds that scientists believe stimulate the production of s*x hormones such as testosterone, which may be the cause of the boost in libido.

Women may be able to improve s*xual health with herbs, too, but these aren’t necessarily the type used for spicing up food. Instead, LiveStrong.com recommends supplements such as damiana leaf, which can makes the cli**ris more sensitive, relax the body and serve as a remedy for vaginal dryness. Ginkgo biloba can have a similar effect, in addition to helping with blood flow.

Changing up a diet may not be enough. Instead, partners may want to consider introducing new things into the bedroom routine

source:  LifeStyles

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