The Dangers Of Vacuum Cleaner Dust


the-dangers-of-vacuum-cleaner-dust_300Do you open your windows for ventilation when you vacuum? You should. Analysis of the dust thrown off by vacuum cleaners shows you have to be careful about breathing in what’s coming out of those machines.

A study at the University of Queensland and Laval University in Quebec shows that aerosolized dust from vacuum cleaners is filled with bacteria and mold that “could lead to adverse effects in allergic people, infants, and people with compromised immunity.”

Examination of the dust revealed antibiotic-resistant microbes that can cause serious illness.

The researchers warn: “The dust found indoors could act as a vehicle for infant botulism infection that can have severe consequences.” Those consequences include sudden infant death syndrome, according to several studies.

The Canadian scientists conclude: “Even though no quantitative data are available for antibiotic resistance gene emission while vacuuming, the observed emission rates for bacteria might suggest that the genetic content of those bacterial cells, including antibiotic resistance genes, may contribute to indoor bioaerosol exposure.”

Many of the bacteria spewed into the air by vacuum cleaners, say the scientists, originate in the human skin and hair that accumulate on indoor surfaces.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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