I Caught My Fiancee Cheating Two Months To Our Wedding


A man has been left in a state of heartbreak after he caught the woman he is about to marry cheating two months to their wedding.

A Nigerian man has found himself in serious trouble after finding out that his fiancee he is about to marry in two months has been cheating on him.

He wrote:

“I just discovered my fiancee has been cheating on me. I discovered the chats she had with a married elderly man, she initially denied it but she confessed after I showed her the evidence I had. We have been dating for six years and we did our intro early this year. We have picked the date of our wedding which is in few weeks time. People have been invited.


“Her relationship with this elderly man didn’t start now, she made me to understand that it has been going on for years. Now she has been begging me to forgive her and not put her to shame because PEOPLE are already looking forward to our wedding day.


“Wedding preparations already in place. Infact preparations already 80% done. I’m really in a state of confusion right now because I don’t know if I should go ahead with the wedding out of pity. And I am also scared that if I marry her out of pity, I might not love her the way I should as the thought of her being unfaithful over the years will never leave my head And how am I sure she’s not cheating with more than one man?”

Source: Tori

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