S*x Positions And Their Deeper Meanings


From missionary to doggy style and everything in between, there are countless positions couples use to get down and dirty. A recent article suggests that a man’s preferred s*x position may indicate something about his deeper personality, and some guys may not like the results.

s*x positions and their deeper meanings Let’s start with the missionary position, which many people believe to be the most common and easy form of s*x. This position involves the woman lying on her back with the man in between her legs. What does this arrangement mean? It suggests that you are safe, but maybe a little boring. According to the news source, guys who opt for this vanilla position may be less likely to take risks.

However, safety in the bedroom isn’t always a bad idea. Men who use condoms as a form of STD prevention show that they care for their partner’s and their own s*xual health. Safer s*x doesn’t have to be boring either – there are a number of fun condoms out there to make a session between the sheets a bit more interesting, such as condoms, or flavored condoms.

Doggy style may be a little bit more adventurous, but it does have its drawbacks, according to the news outlet. Guys who enjoy this form of s*x may be prone to degrading women, which suggests that they themselves have a bit of a confidence issue.

Guys who like the girl on top, a position known as the cowgirl, are likely to have been spoiled in childhood, and expect everything to “come” to them easily. However, Men’s Health finds a benefit to this position, as it allows men to caress the woman’s cli**ris to bring her extra pleasure.

source: Lifestyles

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