Managers urged to ensure annual medical examination of staff


The Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Department of the Koforidua Regional Hospital,  Akofa Adika-Bensah, has called on managers of business entities and labour unions to institute annual medical examination policies for workers.

She said such a policy would help to protect the lives of workers against sudden deaths and help their organisations to maintain a healthy staff.

Mrs Adika-Bensah said this in an interview at Koforidua.

She said the Koforidua Regional Hospital has a compulsory annual medical examination policy for all its 1200 staff.

She said the medical examination covers all standard examinations including cervical and breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men and those with challenges are referred to specialised institutions and the hospital bears the cost.

Mrs Adika-Bensah said members of staff who do not want to be examined are expected by the policy of the hospital to give a written explanation of why they would not like to submit themselves for the medical examination.

She said the policy has helped the hospital to reduce requests for health-related excuse duties and motivated the staff to do their best.

Mrs Adika-Bensah said the hospital is ready to offer the same service to individuals, labour unions and institutions providing employment in the region to ensure that the country have a healthy work force.

Source: GNA

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