Unemployed private nurses angry over ‘discriminatory’ posting


The Coalition of Unemployed Private Nurses has described as improper, government’s decision to prioritize the employment of nurses trained in public institutions over them.

According to the group made up of over three thousand qualified nurses from accredited private Nursing training schools, government’s continuous preferential treatment defeats the constitutional provision of equal opportunity for all citizens.

They argue that they are equally qualified to be recruited by the government to serve in various public health institutions.

Addressing the press on Monday, spokesperson for the group, Doreen Boateng, called on the government to reconsider its stance on the matter within five days or face their wrath.

“We paid our own tuition fees. So we should be the first to be on the list for government posting. We didn’t burden the state. The unwarranted loyalty of government to train nurses and to the neglect of all other suitable qualified nurses poses a threat to national security,” she said.

She further noted that, the policy not to bond privately trained nurses and their inability to immediately secure employment in private medical facilities is discriminatory.

“The consistent government mantra of bonding has risen to discriminate against us and that is not backed by any law in Ghana,” she added.

Various groups of trainee and trained nurses have in recent times protested against the government over  similar issues of delayed posting.

Some have had to picket at the Ministry of Health for nights before securing their posting.

By: Anas Seidu/citifmonline.com/Ghana

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