The Best Sheets For Hot Sleepers


When choosing bedding to keep you cool, avoid synthetic materials and instead choose breathable natural fibers like cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo and silk.
Buying the perfect set of sheets to keep you cool is no easy feat.

What the heck is moisture-wicking technology? Then there are fabrics and materials to consider, and don’t get me started on thread count. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules to follow to help you find the best sheets for hot sleepers.

Avoid synthetic materials and instead choose breathable natural fibers like cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo and silk. Consider that a higher thread count doesn’t always mean higher quality. Instead, tighter weaves can sometimes lead to less breathability in otherwise great sheets. And, remember to retire your heat-trapping down and down-alternative bedding for lightweight coverlets and breathable quilts.

But, if all else fails and you still have the bedtime temperature of a human radiator, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). We’ve rounded up some of the best sheets to keep sweaty sleepers cool throughout the night. And don’t overlook the importance of moisture-wicking mattress and pillow protectors, as well as cooling pillows (like the Chillow and the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Breeze).

Take a peek at our favorite temperature-regulating sheets below.

1 Sheex Performance Sheets
Sheex are battling night sweats one sheet set at a time. They’re made of the same high-performance material that many workout and athletic- gear is made of, so they’re designed with maximum breathability in mind. Plus, the super stretchy material is perfect for deep mattresses.

2 Eucalyptus Origins Tencel Lyocell Sheet Sets

These sheets are produced from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, meaning they’re super soft and ultra breathable. The natural fibers are also moisture-wicking, which helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. And, because they’re 600 thread count, they’re durable and long-lasting.

3 Sleep Philosophy Smart Cool Sheets
Sleep Philosophy sheets are made with a breathable cotton blend. They’re designed to wick away moisture while you sleep and keep you dry throughout the night — perfect for hot sleepers. The fitted sheet even fits deep mattresses, up to 17 inches.

4 Malouf Bamboo Sheets
These rayon sheet sets are made from bamboo, making them softer and silkier than other fabrics. They’re breathable and temperature-regulating, which makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

5 Langleyville Nanotex Cool Comfort Sheets
These performance sheets are made of brushed microfiber, making them soft to the touch and breathable against skin. They have a special moisture-wicking technology that pull away wetness and keeps skin cool and dry throughout the night.

6 ThermalSense Temperature Balancing Sheets

These ThermalSense sheets are made of cotton sateen, which allows them to continuously adjust to your body temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold. Plus, they’re moisture wicking to help prevent night sweats.

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