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Many folks misunderstand the health benefits of s*x. Intimate s*xual experiences lie at the very center of health and happiness. I have discovered that s*xual energy fuels my creative abilities. If you can shake off repressive beliefs about s*x, you can access its powerful physical and emotional health benefits.

s*x And Social Rules

What did your parents teach you about s*x? What is society teaching you now? Certainly, it is a gift for us to enjoy. I believe the best circumstances for s*x are in a loving, committed relationship. In this case we call it “making love.” However, depending on your age and your own social rules of “rightness” or “wrongness” about s*x in our society, I’ll bet you have some discomfort or hidden fears about s*x or perhaps even condemn others for their proclivities.

Also, I think it is rather humorous that my local church leaders have created the role of “anti-p****graphy expert.” The more we fight anything the more we empower it. Although I do not promote p****graphy, I also cannot condemn it. For some, watching s*x can help improve the intimacy experience. It opens the mind to s*xual creativity in the bedroom for both men and women. This also up-regulates s*xual desire and s*xual fantasies, which are not only natural and normal but also healthy. Visual s*xual stimuli for both women and men can work really well.

Why is there so much fear that a husband or wife may find p****graphy on the Internet and begin to enjoy it? Are marriages really ruined because of p****graphy itself (inherently, it is joyful), or is it the judgment and shame — the immaturity on the part of someone in the relationship — that is really to blame?

s*x Helps You To Love More And More

Since love is a spiritual feeling, s*xual intimacy is best used as a way to express this feeling and to energetically connect more deeply. You can also use your s*xual energy and direct it into loving acts of service, quality time together, words of appreciation and gifts that are further expressions of your love connection. The key is to focus on the relationship aspects that you enjoy and not waste energy or attention on unrewarding activities.

The Beneficial Effects Of s*x On The Heart And Other Health Parameters

Epidemiological studies have suggested that s*xual activity has favorable effects on long-term health.[1] Researchers followed 914 middle-aged men for more than 20 years and found that having s*xual intercourse twice or more a week reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by 2.8 times on average compared to those who have s*x less than once a month. This was reported in the February 2002 Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.[2]

Blood pressure can improve, too. In 2002, German researchers reported in Biological Psychology that frequent intercourse among couples living together was associated with lower diastolic blood pressure.[3] The same journal reported a study that showed a more favorable blood pressure response to stressful events in those who routinely had s*xual intercourse compared to those who had only other types of s*xual activity or abstained. Maybe these cardiovascular benefits also derive from the fact that s*x burns calories and can be considered exercise. It is estimated that s*xual intercourse burns about as many calories as walking slowly (at about 2 mph).

Prostate Issues

Prostate cancer was once thought to be linked to frequent s*xual intercourse. But a large prospective study with 29,342 men ages 46-81 with eight years of follow-up reported in the April 2004 Journal of the American Medical Association found that high frequency of ejaculations (21 or more per month compared to fewer than 4-7 per month) is associated with lower prostate cancer risk. For high frequency of ejaculations during the ages of 20-29 (from subjects’ recall), researchers found an 11 percent lowered risk of total cancer. For high frequency of ejaculations during their former ages of 40-49, subjects experienced a 32 percent lowered risk of cancer.[4]

s*x helps reduce pain, too; the bliss of s*x alone is enough to block pain. Some researchers postulate that the hormone oxytocin is released with s*x while endorphins, natural analgesic chemicals, also increase. A study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine shows that oxytocin has a strong potential as a pain reliever.[5]

s*x improves sleep almost universally. It certainly does for me. The wonderful sense of well-being is the perfect thing to eliminate your worries or feelings of stress. s*x also improves your confidence for overcoming life’s challenges.

s*x Fuels Creativity

The fact that a healthy s*x life can enhance your focus, concentration and creativity is another reason why s*xual energy is so powerful — for more than just enjoying those moments of bliss. Frequent s*x keeps you feeling good, which opens the channels of inspiration for new creative thinking.

I believe the creative power that all men and women have is somehow related to attractive and joyful s*xual energy. In my column next week I’ll begin a discussion of s*x hormones.

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source: Easyhealthoptions

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